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Classroom Teacher

KooLKIDS Intensive Program

Throughout the intensive program the classroom teacher will co-facilitate the program with another KooLKIDS trained professional at the school. The classroom teacher will deliver the five class sessions of the program to their class and the co-facilitator will deliver the intensive part of the program to the student that requires intensive support.

The teacher will be trained by the school's KooLKIDS Facilitator and will be provided with an overview of the Intensive Program, the session plans that include the facilitator's script, the teacher tip sheets and all other resources needed to deliver the program. The teacher tip sheets have been developed around the 'KIDS' acronym.

KIDS stands for:


KooLKIDS Whole of Class Program

The Classroom Teacher is the primary KooLKIDS Facilitator for the whole of class program. They will attend a training workshop to learn how to use KooLKIDS effectively in the classroom. After the workshop the teacher will successfully demonstrate competency in the following skills and knowledge:

The training workshop covers topics such as the KooLKIDS model, emotion regulation, social emotional learning, emotions, learning and the brain, early intervention, cognitive behavioural strategies, life-mapping, role-playing, and content specific work.

The teacher will have access to all of the KooLKIDS resources including a fully scripted facilitator's script to refer to throughout the sessions.