About the Team

The KooLKIDS Intervention has been developed through the dedication, commitment, and expertise of several team members. Each has contributed in a unique way through their speciality fields to create an innovative and ground-breaking program that will help shape the trajectories of many children and young people.

Chief Investigators

Associate Professor Annemaree Carroll
BSc(Hons I), BEd, MEd, PhD

Associate Professor Annemaree Carroll

Dr Annemaree Carroll is Associate Professor in the School of Education at The University of Queensland and is a registered psychologist and teacher.Over the past 15 years, her research activities have focused on the self-regulatory processes of adolescent behaviour and child and adolescent behaviour disorders especially relating to delinquency and substance use. She has been particularly concerned with developing innovative multimedia methods and strategies for enhancing the engagement and motivation of at-risk youth to bring about positive change in their lives. Dr. Carroll was Chief Investigator in the innovative Mindfields program, which focuses on empowering at-risk adolescents to make positive change in their lives. Dr. Carroll is a registered teacher and psychologist and has published widely in the field of child and adolescent behaviour disorders. She has been the successful recipient of numerous grants, awards, and research tenders. As Chief Investigator she has conceptualised and coordinated the development of the KooLKIDS Model and Intervention.

Professor Stephen Houghton
GradDipEd, BEd (Hons), DipSpecEd, MEd, PhD

Professor Stephen Houghton

Professor Houghton's research activities focus on childhood and adolescent psychopathology particularly in relation to developmental trajectories to delinquency and antisocial behaviour, affective and interpersonal traits, and the mediating effects of self-regulation. Over the past 5 years he has conducted research examining the construct of juvenile psychopathy and the development of antisocial behaviour, particularly in relation to young persons with few or no friends who become involved in antisocial behaviour. He and Associate Professor Carroll have collaborated for 20 years, culminating in their Reputation Enhancing Goals theory which explains the significance of peer networks and why young person's choose to become involved in antisocial activities. Professor Houghton is a registered psychologist with extensive knowledge and experience of children with developmental disorders, and disruptive behaviour disorders in both practice and research, and is sought regularly as an expert by the media. He has published widely in internationally refereed journals, has successfully attracted numerous grants, and been the recipient of a number of national teaching and research awards.As Chief Investigator, Steve has been expert consultant to the development of the KooLKIDS Model and Intervention.

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