Steps Involved in Completing the KooLKIDS Program

Step One
Pre-Intervention Interactive Tool

(Approximately 30 minutes)

The KooLKIDS Pre-Intervention Interactive Tool is an online self-report measure that provides the facilitator with an opportunity for initial rapport building with the child prior to the intervention while simultaneously taking baseline measures.

Step Two
Session Intervention

The intervention has 13 sessions and is comprised of 5 whole-of-class sessions and 8 individual, targeted sessions; 2 individual sessions will follow each whole-of-class session. Sessions will help children better understand:

  • Their strengths
  • Emotions
  • Empathy
  • Friendships and social skills

The last whole-of class session will be a review and celebration.

Step Three
Post-Intervention Evaluation

The Post-Intervention Interactive Tool will be completed at the conclusion of the 13 sessions. There will be a six week follow-up in which the KooLKIDS Interactive Tool will once again be completed by the target children.

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