Empowering children to live well with themselves and others

Who will be Involved?

Throughout the KooLKIDS program there are three key people involved in facilitating change and supporting children through their learning: The Facilitator, The Classroom Teacher and the Support Person.

The Facilitator

The KooLKIDS facilitators are the school professional trained to become the school's KooLKIDS facilitators. Classroom teachers are the primary facilitators for the Whole of Class program, whereas another school professional (usually a Guidance Counsellor, School Psychologist, Learning Support Teacher, Behaviour Support Teacher) are the primary facilitators for the Intensive program. Multiple school professionals can be trained as KooLKIDS facilitators.

The Classroom Teacher

Classroom teachers are at the core of the KooLKIDS program. In the KoolKIDS Intensive program the teacher acts as a co-facilitator for the target child that is receiving the individual sessions. As mentioned above, in the KooLKIDS Whole of Class program, teachers are the primary KooLKIDS facilitator.

The Support Person

The support person is an integral part of the child's change process. His or her role is to provide a link to the children's life outside of school in order to assist them to generalise the learnings from the program to their everyday lives and to help them feel comfortable and relaxed in the process of change.