Empowering children to live well with themselves and others


KooLKIDS has been designed to be user friendly for educators and fun and engaging for students. It uses a variety of activities and teaching modalities, including animated films, story books, physical activities, class discussions, small group work and direct teaching.

The KooLKIDS Program is a very inclusive program, with the recognition that all students can learn, and all students can be empowered to emotionally regulate themselves, develop a growth mindset and achieve. With a choice of whole of class or an individual program for children presenting with challenging behaviours, KooLKIDS aims to support children to be successful learners through the enhancement of their personal and social capabilities.

Our program has a clear summary page, outlining the steps required in each session, what needs to be taught to students, and what is expected. Furthermore we have provided a facilitator’s script, so teachers know what to say, and how to explain social and emotional concepts to students. We understand that students develop at different rates, thus KooLKIDS has in-built scaffolding within each session, with a mix of individual work, small group work, and whole of class work to assist students to learn at a rate that is suitable for them. There are a range of visual and verbal cues within activities to cater to students of all academic levels and learning styles, and scribing is an option highlighted within the sessions.

Our activities involve elements of literacy, and for the online version of the program, information and computer technology (ICT) capabilities. Throughout the program, children are inspired to develop a sense of self-worth, self-awareness and understand how to better manage their emotional wellbeing, and support others to manage their emotional wellbeing. A common theme throughout the program is to understand and support others, thus helping students to become active citizens.

The importance of socially and emotionally well-adjusted youth is vital for our society. It is becoming increasingly recognised that academic competence is enhanced by positive social and emotional wellbeing. KooLKIDS is focused on assisting children to understand themselves, understand those around them, and to develop into competent citizens.