Empowering children to live well with themselves and others


The development of the KooLKIDS Program, Training Manual, and Resource Kit has been funded by ongoing Australian Research Council Discovery Grant funding between The University of Queensland and The University of Western Australia. We would like to acknowledge the Australian Research Council for providing such funding to enable the preliminary research on which this intervention is based to be conducted, and to bring to fruition the program resources for children who may be disengaging from school at an early age.

We would like to acknowledge the work, support and encouragement of the principals and teachers in the primary schools across Queensland and Western Australia who participated in the first three phases of the research project and who assisted us to track, over a three-year period, children who had been suspended from school. Special thanks go to the families and children who completed the surveys in the first three years of the project. This early work contributed to a better understanding of children's motivations for early school disengagement.

We would also like to thank the principals, teachers, and guidance officers who participated in interviews to provide us with snapshots of what works best for children who are difficult to manage in the schooling environment. These interviews provided valuable information on which the modules of the present program are based.